Catching Echoes EP

by King Karoshi

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released August 3, 2015

Rémi Denis - Lead Guitar, Synth, Back-up Vocals
Patrick Dunphy - Lead Vocals, Synth, Rhythm Guitar
Alexy Guérer - Drums, Synth, Back-up Vocals
Antoine Poliquin - Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Back-up Vocals

All songs by King Karoshi / Lyrics and melodies by Patrick Dunphy
Recorded by King Karoshi and Matthew Jacob Lederman
Mixed by Matthew Jacob Lederman / Mastered by Ryan Morey
Logo by Sève Création / Artwork by Maridza Kim Sarah

We acknowledge the financial support of FACTOR, the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters.


all rights reserved



King Karoshi Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Industrial (Beyond the Ridge)
I don't know when it's enough
The master's son he has the watch
Grinding down 'til only bone
Turns the dial with every groan

Lining up all in denial
Row by row in single file
Bloody hands and bloody needs
My eyes are branded by the steam

What'll they do with a crumpled mess?
I just need to see beyond the ridge
That's where I'll find serenity
It'll be right there waiting for me

At night we pray to our spokesman God
with his wisdom and coupons
Moving nations with his greed
and sacred scrolls of things we need

I hear he taught the blind to see
all of their deficiencies,
pitches sermons on the mound
bread and fish sold by the pound

“I’m turning off the power, I’m locking the machines
Make a beeline through the front door
Knocking clipboards out of hands
Yanking plugs out of the wall
And through the city, pulling billboards to the ground,
Busting all the store fronts down
Sending echoes through the mall
Drowning out the salesman's calls
To end the buzzing noise
That follows me in my sleep
I want to take things as they come
I want to see things as they are”

I will look them straight into the eye
and tear it all down
bursting into store fronts,
burn the billboards to the ground
leave 'em all charred
ripping up the factory floor
barring all the doors
tear it all down
Track Name: In Her Eyes
I bet she keeps a happy home
I bet she's pleasant to wake up to
but she sees her body as a ticking clock
that she never stops fussing about
as we hit all her set aside dates

And in her eyes I see my end
a gaze that never stops limiting
making small talk, dinner with friends,
my place is set and my bed is made
as my hair falls out in piles

These walls they suffocate me,
I'm afraid that we'll never be real
anxious glances, bitter sighs,
we're miles apart when I'm by her side
moving further every day

I think you've had too much to drink
you're being crass but I don't care
just keep on swinging at my face
just keep on biting on my ear

And in your eyes I see my end
a whirling fire burning
a tattered dress, and broken things
pulling me down on your roommate's bed
a bitter fall, but I'm willing

Your ways they frustrate me,
I'm afraid that I'll never be enough
take all the time you need
I'll just keep trying to keep up

You build me up, so high, so flushed
you make me lost, so drained, so numb
your legs, your voice, your cruelty, your scorn
I don't care, I want it all.
Track Name: Catching Echoes
I feel it now
the autumn wind with every gust
chipping tiny little pieces off
I'm feeling so worn out

Memories in scenes
like little moments on a flickering screen
little glimpses of what used to be
I catch them taunting me

I want to walk,
in the spaces that nobody walks
see the things that no one sees,
and everything in between

stowed away
my emotions under lock and key
clawing frantic for an opening
through the greying hardened walls

I see her on the stage
the way she dances in her sequin dress
feeling every motion, every breath
but she doesn't move for me

and I walk, and I sulk
in a circle on a concrete slab
telling stories in my head
as the cold air wraps around

but I am married to the sound
I hear the whisper in my ear
I feel the rustling of the leaves
The pulse inside my veins

Through the dim-lit alleyways
and the paralyzing freeze
catching echoes of her voice
she will colour everything
Track Name: Here's To Us
I think you needed me to cling to
Just like we always seemed to do
And I just needed to be counted on

We smoked a joint up by the window
My bed a mattress on the floor
And there we nestled in our boredom
And we kept each other warm

Spending nights wrapped in our safety
That we felt with every inch
How I loved the sheepish smile that you made
How I loved to watch you melt

But now it’s gone
Vanished in the fog
An empty space
Taken by the wind
I’m sorry for my silence
I’m sorry for your tears

Here's to what we had

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